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Compound Sky Capital


Sky Capital the heart of the new capital

A residential compound in a prime location in the new administrative capital

It is located in the R7, near the government...

Sky Capital the heart of the new capital

A residential compound in a prime location in the new administrative capital

It is located in the R7, near the government district and the rest of the capital's vital landmarks



It was chosen very carefully. You are within walking distance of the new government headquarters and you will not make any effort to extract or spend government papers. You can also see the Cathedral of the Nativity and the Great Mosque of Egypt, in addition to being directly in front of the Green River, the central park, the embassy district, the airport and the train station. Electricity and medical city.

And because you are in a privileged location within the administrative capital, you are only 10 minutes away from the tourist walkway, where entertainment, shopping and restaurants are in a calm, civilized atmosphere amidst modern designs for the tourist walkway, starting with the gardens, the shape of the columns and the lighting decor.


Modern Design

“It is estimated that the population in Egypt will reach more than 200 million people by 2050.

- According to the Egyptian Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics -

From here, we aspired to a modern and modern idea of ​​construction and building, so that all residential units see the sun and are connected to the air currents and overlook green areas in a modern Arab architectural style.




Residential units with a different concept

In Sky Capital, the spaces start from 155 m² up to 455 m² consisting of apartments, icon villas and Kangaroo House:


The Icon Villa: It is a residential unit consisting of a ground floor with your own garden, a first floor and a private entrance, and provides you with privacy and sophistication, with a total area of ​​455 square meters.. At the price of an apartment!!


The Kangaroo House: It is a housing unit consisting of two apartments at the price of one apartment. You live with your children in the first, and the second is the apartment of your father, mother, or the apartment of your son, the groom, or you work from home independently and enjoy privacy.

I own a residential unit with an area of ​​163 square meters, in addition to a residential unit with an area of ​​66 square meters, the width of the Kangaroo House.


Standards for providing security and privacy

In Sky Capital, the surveillance cameras cover the entire compound and operate 24 hours a day, in addition to special gates for the compound and security personnel, where only the residents of the compound and their guests are allowed to enter, in addition to the fire alarms, which guarantees you a quiet life completely away from the hustle, hustle and noise of the capital.


Sports and relaxation

The private walkway and cycling lanes are paths away from car roads, while achieving a high level of sophistication and urbanization in front of green areas and fresh air.



Luxury life

Sky Capital Compound enjoys a large number of luxury lifestyles such as swimming pools spread in different areas, children's play area, the roof of each property, a service mall and a pharmacy.


A friend of the environment

The solar panels installed above all the buildings of the compound provide a renewable source of free electricity in order to save together a good amount of pollution resulting from the generation of electricity by traditional methods.


On Ground

Visit the compound now !!

Where we have completed the construction phase by 100% and we are now finishing the facades, knowing that 85% of the offered units have already been sold!! There are only a very limited number left, which is expected to be implemented before the end of this year.


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